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Upcoming Events

April 24, 2014 | Visits(21)
Building Commission Meeting
Building Commission Meeting The Building Commission will meet on Thursday, April 24 at 6:00.   read more »
April 25, 2014 | Visits(65)
Men's Club Reverse Raffle
Men's Club Reverse Raffle The Men’s Club annual Reverse Raffle is April 25. Make your plans now to attend. Tickets are availa... read more »
April 26, 2014 | Visits(17)
Second Grade Communicant Breadmaking
Second Grade Communicant Breadmaking P arents of ECF second-graders are reminded of the Saturday, April 26 breadmaking session with Ruby... read more »

Recent News

April 20, 2014 | Visits(49)
Thomas Sunday Potluck
Thomas Sunday Potluck Sign-up sheets are posted on the vestibule bulletin board for the Thomas Sunday Potluck ( April 27 ... read more »
April 20, 2014 | Visits(19)
Bonus Week to Recycle Paper
Bonus Week to Recycle Paper We have received word from River Valley Paper Company that, in celebration of Earth Day, we’ll be r... read more »
April 20, 2014 | Visits(18)
Ladies' Aux. Communion
Ladies' Aux. Communion On Sunday, April 27  the Ladies’ Auxiliary will receive Communion as a group.   read more »
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Our Sympathy

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April 15, 2014 | Comments(0) | Visits(19)
Betty Nagorney
Betty Nagorney Betty Nagorney was buried on Monday at the age of 93. Most recently she had been on and off the shu... read more »
April 15, 2014 | Comments(0) | Visits(9)
Florence Adams
Florence Adams Florence Adams was buried on Tuesday at the age of 87. Florence was a regular at our bingo social. ... read more »
March 12, 2014 | Comments(0) | Visits(88)
Natalie Masula
Natalie Masula Natalie Masula died this past week at the age of 76. Since joining our parish around five years ago... read more »
February 26, 2014 | Comments(0) | Visits(51)
Barbara Traska
Barbara Traska Barbara Traska died this past week at the age of 63. She has been on our monthly Communion visitati... read more »
January 16, 2014 | Comments(0) | Visits(104)
Joe Petruno
Joe Petruno Joe Petruno was buried a week ago Saturday at the age of 92. For most of his adult life he was a me... read more »
January 16, 2014 | Comments(0) | Visits(66)
Betty Trompak (Linda Primuth's mother)
Betty Trompak (Linda Primuth's mother) Parish sympathies are also extended to Linda (Eric) Primuth and family. Her mother, Betty Trompak o... read more »
January 10, 2014 | Comments(0) | Visits(67)
Bill Soucie (Greg's brother)
Bill Soucie (Greg's brother) Normal 0 Parish sympathies are extended to Greg Soucie. His brother, Bill, died suddenly at the age... read more »
January 05, 2014 | Comments(0) | Visits(109)
Colleen Cottingham (Dave/Pat Elliott's daughter)
Colleen Cottingham (Dave/Pat Elliott's daughter) Parish sympathies are extended to Dave and Pat Elliott. Their daughter Colleen Cottingham was burie... read more »
December 29, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(71)
Dolores Burns
Dolores Burns Dolores burns died this week. She was 82 and had been on the parish shut-in visitation list for man... read more »
December 26, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(65)
Lee NIles
Lee NIles Lee Niles was buried this past week at the age of 90. She was a member of St. Joe's for a vast majo... read more »
December 04, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(174)
Karen Griffith
Karen Griffith Karen Griffith died today at the age of 58. In her courageous bout against cancer, she left on... read more »
November 26, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(97)
Regina Magdinec
Regina Magdinec Parish sympathies are extended to Mike Magdinec and family. His wife of 64 years, Regina, died at t... read more »
November 12, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(105)
Samuel Jaryga (Jeff's father)
Samuel Jaryga (Jeff's father) Parish sympathies are extended to Jeff (Lori) Jaryga and family. His father, Samuel Jaryga, was bur... read more »
November 12, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(87)
Marge Rohal
Marge Rohal Marge Rohal will be buried on Saturday at the age of 91. For the past few years she has been on the... read more »
October 09, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(160)
Mary Prischak
Mary Prischak   Mary Prischak died this week at the age of 83. Her funeral will be Saturday, October 12... read more »
September 12, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(175)
Ed McGrath
Ed McGrath Ed McGrath died suddenly on Tuesday, September 10 from a heart attack at the age of 72. H... read more »
August 23, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(133)
Mary Jane Steets
Mary Jane Steets Parish sympathies are extended to Joe and Duane (Adrianne) Steets. Their mother, Mary Jane was buri... read more »
August 07, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(166)
Milan Samec (Diane Richey's Father)
Milan Samec (Diane Richey's Father) Parish sympathies are extended to Diane (Jeff) Richey. Her father, Milan Samec was buried this past... read more »
June 21, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(217)
Mary Richesson
Mary Richesson Mary Richesson died this past week at the age of 89 following a brief illness. She was an active me... read more »
June 01, 2013 | Comments(0) | Visits(226)
Margo Stefanchik
Margo Stefanchik Parish sympathies are extended to Dawn (Tyson) Tinter and Pam Dufala. Their mother, Margo (Stefanch... read more »

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